AbouT our Counselors

"Life is Difficult," says author Scott Peck, and indeed it is!  Sometimes individuals find it easier to sort through life’s difficulties with a kind and professional listener who can inject some gentle impartiality and some seasoned wisdom to the process.  Research on counseling has revealed that it indeed makes quite a difference to those who participate, and the most relevant criteria is that the individual is able to forge a trusting therapeutic relationship with their counselor. 

My counseling practice is best suited to those who wish to heal old wounds including unresolved relationship, childhood, or traumatic issues.

I'm a person who genuinely enjoys other human beings and since I'm genuinely flawed myself, I truly understand the dips and turns and confusion that Life can take. Let's meet and you can decide if I'm the right counselor for you. ~ Carolyn

Carolyn Osborn, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor:

Carolyn Osborn is a Texas native and received her education at Angelo State and The University of Texas at Austin.  She has been a licensed counselor since 1992 and has spent those years as a psychology instructor at a community college, a college counselor (notably Director of Counseling at Schreiner University), a college associate dean, and now as part-time Trauma Therapist at Hill Country MHDD.  She has worked primarily with adults who are sorting through their lives, either with big issues from dysfunctional childhoods or trauma to regular life transitions and tangles.  She has special training in trauma (large and small), depression, career counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy.  Carolyn also has a special interest in neuroscience and continues to study the latest research on brain science as it relates to human behavior and therapy.