AbouT our Counselors

William C Nation, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Contact Bill Nation at: 830.928.2077  or  bill@counselingkerrville.com

Taking pride in self-reliance and independence are characteristics instilled in Texans while in the womb…well, almost. While there are many benefits to being self-reliant and pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, the reality is we receive assistance from others during all phases of life. Life is fast and challenging - often, times are difficult and overwhelming. Sharing life’s difficulties and joys with a professional who is trained to listen and help you examine your life’s journey, can be insightful and empowering.  

Life hands us situations and circumstances that seem out of our control, with solutions appearing beyond our grasp. Are you feeling the need to meet with someone to ‘get it all out’, set boundaries where needed in your interpersonal relationships, regain your internal compass and move into your authentic life? Then consider entering into a counseling relationship with me.  

I work with couples, adults, and young adults.  I have a special place in my heart for those suffering from PTSD or trauma from war experiences.  I look forward to meeting with you and helping you discover the pathway to the life you want. ~ Bill